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Round 2 of Medical Medium Cleanse

round2After completing Round 1 I went back to eating what I ate before. But within a week I realized that I needed to go back and do another one. I still didn’t think I could commit to the 28 day cleanse, so I decided to follow my previous plan from round 1. But this time I choose to eliminate a couple more of those trigger foods to get me as close as I could to the Medical Medium cleanse.

Here’s the plan I made for round 2:
-Removed dairy, eggs, refined sugar, corn, gluten, canola oil, soy and meat from my diet
-Drank 16 ounces of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach
-Breakfast: Berry Boost Smoothie
-Lunch: Green Salad with no dressing
-Afternoon Snack: Nuts or Fruits
-Dinner: Roasted vegetables. Usually I mixed 2-3 of either potatoes, peppers, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, or cauliflower. I tossed it with coconut oil and added cloves of garlic for flavor. I did not add any salt.

Round 2 was quite challenging….way more than Round 1.

-I had mood swings that would go up and down
-I got tired often
-I craved for sugary snacks
-I had really bad bloating in the stomach
-I also had tons of digestion problems
-Two eczema flare ups
-Skin was dry and flakey

At the end of this cleanse I decided to keep on going. With all the symptoms I had I knew that it was best for me to remain on the cleanse. So I continued with it for another month. The terrible symptoms were still present and got significantly worse. It was at this point I realized I was ready….ready to do this 28 day cleanse exactly the way Anthony and Spirit designed it. Stay tuned for Round 3.

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