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Doing a Juice Fast Can Help to Fight EBV

People doing juice fasts have become more and more popular over the years. They are heavily advertised among celebrities, yogis, vegans, and those who are seeking healing through natural remedies. Commonly these juice fasts are attractive due to the many benefits it provides. It can help to clear up your skin, provide your body with more energy and it may even assist in losing some unwanted weight. These all hold true and can make doing a juice fast very enticing.

Doing a juice fast may be far more powerful than you may think. Through reading the Medical Medium book I was able to understand the more healing aspect of it. For me, doing a juice fast helped to give my weak liver a break which in turned allowed it to slowly heal. Also by removing food, I was able to let my digestive system rest. Since the body didn’t need to digest food, it was able to put more energy and focus on flushing out pesticides, viruses and toxins. Getting rid of pesticides and toxins are quite important as they are the main food source for viruses. As you kill off these viruses you also end up eliminating their by product called neurotoxins or dermatoxins (kind of like virus poop). These neurotoxins and dermatoxins cause all kinds of issues such as brain fog, internal pain or even rashes on the skin.

It is for those reasons I decided to do a couple of these juice fasts. Basically is like pressing the NOS button on a race car. By doing this fast it can help to accelerate your detox process. You may experience some detox symptoms due to large amounts of toxins being released all at once. So you will want to provide your body with the right nutrition to assist you and ease those symptoms. Anthony the Medical Medium recommends juicing 16-20 ounces of celery, cucumber, and apples. This will provide you with enough hydration, mineral salts and glucose you need to safely detox. You will make 6 of these juices and drink 1 every 2 hours. In between that he suggests to consume 16-20 ounces of water which will also help to facilitate the flushing. If this is your first time fasting or doing any type of cleanse he recommends to only do this for about 1-2 days. This fast is quite safe and can be done every 2 weeks. 

Cleansing or fasting is not an easy thing to do and at times can be quite uncomfortable. I highly recommend that you clean up your diet before hand and allow the body to do some detoxing prior to your fast. You can do that by adopting a low-fat plant-based diet for about a week before your fast. Know that this juice fast will be eliminating toxins that have been sitting in your organs for awhile. The intensity of symptoms will be determined by how much toxins are being released. Always go at a comfortable pace for yourself and work with your doctor if you are battling health issues as well.

I have found a great website that goes over each stage of juicing. It describes what your body will be experiencing during each stage in detail. Educating myself on this definitely provided me some relief. I was surely glad to know that whatever was happening to my body was normal and just part of the fast. Here is the link for that site: http://www.juicefasting.org/detox.htm

Educating yourself is very important to the success of your healing. It truly did wonders for mine. My digestion got better, my skin looks amazing and energy is coming back. All great signs that I am beating this Epstein Barr Virus. I hope that this posts ignites the fire under you and bring out your inner detective self to explore the wonderful benefits of juice fasts. 

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