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Week 6 and Week 7 Sugar Detox

These 2 weeks have been really challenging.  My eczema has flared up pretty bad and I’m not quite sure what could be the cause.  I have been really good at sticking with this program, so I’m pretty sure that it can’t be something I ate.  I have past the “4 week mark” so I would like to assume that I’m done with the detox phase. Maybe this could be from all the stress I am dealing with?

Let’s stop and take a look at these past 2 weeks.  The eczema flare up started right after week 5 which was the week that work was a little stressful.  It has continued to be challenging and I had to also pack for an upcoming trip for work. On top of that I had a huge event that I was a part of which also increased my stress level.  So could it be stress? I’d have to answer……Absolutly Yes!!!!  Now for any of you who have Eczema you know for a fact that Stress=Eczema.  And when you have a flare up, you end up feeling more stressed.  Flare ups are “The Worst”!

Let me walk you through what happens and what it feels like.  First you start to scratch and you may not even know that you are scratching.  Then you notice that you are scratching and now you begin to feel itchy. So you start scratching more but this itch will not stop and it starts to spread.  Before you know it your skin is tender, hot, swollen, may even be bleeding and it’s STILL ITCHY! After the episode is done it will finally calm down and now be dry. Which makes you want to go and put some moisturizer on but there is a 50/50 chance that it will actually help or create the surface to be too sticky and the itch will be back.  Now this whole entire cycle keeps on going until the skin actually gets through the healing stage and then pass the flaky stage.  Just reading this makes me feel itchy….LOL!

So stress comes from 2 parts of a flare up. One is the actually itching that you can’t stop and the second part is the fear and shame you feel because of the way you look.  The skin will be red, it’ll be rough in texture and appear dry and flaky.  There is not much you can do to cover it.  You can use clothes to hide it but, sometimes having the material touch the skin makes it itchy.

I guess I really need to find a way to lower my stress levels because if not I’m either going to be a sugar addict or my entire body will be itching.

Well I am so glad to be writing these blog posts because it definitely helps me to evaluate my progress as well as my challenges.  Can’t wait to see what else I am able to learn.

Sending love to all of you,

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