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Week 5 of Sugar Detox

Week 5…. sugar free lifestyle is starting to become a little more like second nature. I have basically stuck to a few main dishes and just rotated them.  This really helped to alleviate the difficulty of making sure my dishes were sugar free.  But now I am starting to get  a little bored with my food choices so I’ve started researching for some new ones. For me to continue I need to have variety or else I will stop enjoying this journey and fail.

This week I also noticed something very interesting. For the first time during this detox I have encountered some outside stress.  Work was a little challenging and that increased my stress level.  Now in the past the way I relieved stress was through eating sugar filled snacks or desserts.  So since I no longer have that option, relieving stress was a little more difficult.   This week I actually craved for sugar.  Coincidence? Maybe. Coalition between sugar and stress? Absolutely! I’d like the two of them to get a divorce!

So to try and help relieve some stress I added more exercise time and tried to incorporate some meditation.  I’m such an amateur when it comes to meditating that I don’t think it helped.  In fact I think it made me feel even more frustrated. I felt like a failure because I couldn’t quiet my mind enough to even start meditating. Instead all I could focus on was sugar and how good I would feel if I just had ONE delicious sugar filled Dark Hot Fudge Sundae.  The mind is such a powerful thing! As much as it can help you fight through this, it can also knock you down.  On that note….. let’s just focus on how living life without sugar has changed my body, increased my energy level and that I just completed week 5.  So AWESOME!!!!

Sending love to all of you,

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