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Week 2 of Sugar Detox

In Week 2, I was blessed with the return of energy. My natural energy had reappeared back into my life. It was awesome to have steady amounts of energy throughout the day. Finally I got to experience life without these nasty sugar crashes. It sure has been a long time since I had felt this way.

Let me describe a typical day in my life before this sugar detox. I would wake up in the morning feeling lethargic even though I slept for 8 hours.  Being so tired it would result in me feeling grouchy and cranky.  All I could focus on was the thought of when will be my first intake of sugar. This usually made me move quite slow in the morning which always made me run late.  So with no time I often would skip breakfast and turn to my all time favorite COFFEE with tons of SUGAR!  Having caffeine and sugar was the ultimate combo of “sugar happiness”. It made me feel awake and I felt like nothing in the world could damper my sunshine.  Then around 11:00 I’d craved some kind of sugary snack. It didn’t matter what I ate as long as it had sugar.  Since I usually only had 10 minutes to get something I often would get a banana bread or bagel.  So fueling my body with just sugar, totally ruined my appetite for lunch.  I didn’t even feel a bit hungry until 2:30-3:00 in the afternoon. The afternoon was the time the sugar high declines and a decrease of energy happens.  My complete energy crash of the day would be at 4:00, even after eating lunch.  So to survive and be able to function without falling asleep I would need to take another dose of sugar…. AGAIN!

As you can see, Sugar is really like a drug.  If I were to rewrite that paragraph and replace the word “sugar” with a drug, my story could start to sound like an addict.  Not saying that it’s exactly the same, but the need to get my sugar fix to function is a similar thought of someone who is addicted to a substance.  I never actually realized how dependent I was on sugar until I took it away.

So this week I got to really evaluate and understand how to fuel my body with energy.  I began to keep a food journal when I started this detox.  I tracked food intake and also how I was feeling.  This great tool allowed me to see the correlation between the two.  It showed which foods provided energy and which foods really decreased energy or made me bloated or even made me feel depressed. To learn about your source of energy I encourage you to start your own food journal.  You’ll be surprised by what you can learn.  I had a great week 2 and I’m looking forward to week 3!

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