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Week 1 of Sugar Detox

Headaches? Yup. Low energy? Experienced some of that.  Cravings? Slowly dissipating….Yay!!!

I have to admit week 1 was not that bad. In my head I had created this week to be extremely difficult and that I would surely need all will power to avoid eating desserts or snacks containing sugar. But much to my surprise it really wasn’t too difficult.

Day’s 1 and 2 being that it was the beginning, was a bit challenging. I experienced withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, tension in my neck, and overall low energy. Oh and that dreadful 4:00 in the afternoon sugar crash was definitely not fun either. These were by far the toughest days out of the week. But what do you expect???!!!! Your body is eliminating toxins and it is trying to acclimate to this new way of living without sugar. My body was on a manhunt for energy (aka “sugar”…its main source of fuel).  With that mental note, I noticed myself being a little more hungry in the mid morning and afternoon hours.

Moving on to day’s 3 and 4, which were actually a nice transition. I had better energy, which was a plus, after the previous two days of feeling weak. I felt a little more clarity, due to my decrease in mental “food noise”, which I can’t complain about. In fact, it was shocking to realize how much I thought about food.  Another wild discovery…I was able to see  immediate reactions to certain types of food. For example, I decided to eat a small slice of pizza (and I mean small…. like an 1 1/2″ crust width) paired with a  huge green salad for dinner on Day 3. Thought I ate clean enough in the day to balance out a small slice of greasy, gooey, yummy pizza. Boy was I wrong…. The next morning my eyes and fingers were swollen and puffy.  I also experienced a decrease in energy level compared to the day before. I definitely learned what NOT to eat!!!

On day 5 I had the challenge of traveling on an airplane.  This was difficult knowing that sugar free foods  would be like finding a needle in a haystack. The second challenge was the change in time. This made it extremely difficult for my body to expect when it would receive food.  And finally, the last challenge of the day was a big birthday party I attended later that night.  I was tired, and easily accessible junk food and desserts were all readily available.  This was a perfect recipe for failure when you are trying to stay away from sugar. I made a mental note…”don’t put yourself in these situations”.

My mind was much clearer on day 6, but my body was still a little tired.  Early in the morning, I went to the local Farmers’ Market and gathered healthy food for my week.  I indulged myself with a little sugar free, unbleached flour taro bread, washed it down with delicious cold pressed green juice. I was in sugar detox heaven (especially since the green juice had no fruits in it).

As the day went on I was faced with what is called “emotional eating”.  This term refers to our eating habits attached to emotions.  It wasn’t the first time I had to deal with this habit. Earlier in the week, I faced other emotional eating periods. These were sourced from more current emotional situations, like being bored at work or trying to unwind after a long day.  This one though was a little deeper emotion. It was provoked by old habits and being in my parent’s house. Nostalgic sweets paired with family gatherings fueled these emotions that were attached to eating sugar. Fortunately, I lucked out by detoxing earlier this week so that resulted in me not craving for sweets. Instead, I was just extremely hungry. Maybe my mind was working harder than I thought and it needed the energy. Not sure if that is a correct conclusion, but I needed to make sense of this increase and desire to eat FOOD.

As the week ended I would have to say day 7 was a completely peaceful and serene day.  Sugar levels, eating times and physical energy remained balanced throughout the day.  It was the first day I actually reaped the benefits of being sugar free. Such an awesome way to end week 1!!!!!

Stay tuned for more recaps of my Sugar Detox Journey,


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