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This Book Changed My Life

This by far is the most interesting book that I have read!!! It is called the “Medical Medium” by Anthony William.  Yes he is a real medium and is very fortunate to have this special gift.  At a young age he heard a voice that told him that his grandma had lung cancer.  The voice told him to put his hand on his grandma’s chest and say lung cancer. At that time he was so young and didn’t even know what cancer was, but he did what the voice asked him to do.  He placed his hand on her chest and repeated the words “lung cancer”.  Everyone on the table was appauled but he was able to help her. He named the voice “Spirit” in order to make reference to the voice when he speaks of it, because this voice is not God or an Angel.  In his book he explains his entire story from when he first heard spirit and shares his journey through life with spirit.  The rest of the book provides the most incredible knowledge regarding mystery illnesses that doctors today have not been able to find the cause.

I have been on this long journey to living a healthier, happier life.  I’ve read so many books and stories on the internet of different ways you should be eating.  All of them claim to stop you from feeling fatigue, to reduce bloating in your stomach, and leave you with beautiful glowing skin. Most of what I have read were true but were a little extreme for me.

In April 2012 I took gluten out of my diet for about 6-8 months. Some of my energy came back and my feet wouldn’t hurt anymore when I took those first couple of steps in the morning. But my sinuses were still really bad and my energy wasn’t super high like they all said it would be.  So I introduced gluten back in and noticed I wasn’t as sensitive to it as I thought I would be.  I can tolerate it in small amounts before I start to have any physical reactions to it.

Next I cut out dairy and coffee and did a 10 day cleanse.  Now after that…. I felt fantastic. No bloating and my energy was back. I thought this was it, this is how you should always feel. That’s when I decided I am going to be a vegan.  Well somehow this also didn’t really work  me.  It got difficult and really frustrating to find vegan recipes that I actually enjoyed to eat. A lot of the recipes didn’t sit well with my taste, in fact it didn’t have taste.  So then I started to eat more  green salads which I really enjoyed but after a month I was craving cooked food.  Another reason I failed at being vegan was because I would reward myself by buying vegan snacks.  I now know to just go eat a fruit, but back then I was so addicted to sugar that I thought as long as it said vegan, it must be healthy.  So the only time I felt super great was after the cleanse and I knew I couldn’t keep doing that.

On to my last adventure…I went sugar free for 8 weeks.  This included avoiding all fruits. Again I had felt fantastic, the emotional attachment to sugar, the puffiness, and all the bloating were gone.  I read that I needed a steady amount of protein and fat in order to offset the sugar withdrawal symptoms. So I ate tons of protein and started to cook Paleo meals. Everything was going well until week 4 when I had an eczema flare up.  I just thought that it was part of the toxins being released and didn’t think anything of it.  Then it got worse, I didn’t have a flare up this bad for years.  But I was still determined to finish this detox, so I continued.  My eczema cleared up but a month after I was finished it got bad again. So bad that it flared up not only on my neck but all over my arms, chest and legs.  This all  lasted for 3 long consecutive months. I was so miserable I gave up all dieting and just ate a balanced meal.  I told myself this was it, I am going to strive to be balanced and not do anymore crazy diets.

Well one morning while I was scrolling on Facebook I came across one of those sponsored ads.  It was for Goop the health website that Gwyneth Paltrow created.  The post was about this medical medium who can help people with mystery illnesses. It said doctors would send their patients to see him if they could not longer help them.  So I clicked on it and began to read. Low and behold one of those mystery illnesses that were listed was eczema. The post was mind blowing.  I was completely in awe and at the end of the article it mentioned that Anthony has just launched his book “Medical Medium”.  Immediately I switched apps on my phone and ordered it on Amazon.  I read the book in 3 days and I will tell you I now know why all those other diets did not work for me.  I’m not saying that they aren’t good or won’t work for others, but I know the mistakes I made while trying to follow those diets.  It was my choice of food that made it not work for me.  This book has basically saved me from giving up a healthy lifestyle.  I highly recommend that everyone read it.

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