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Round 1 of Medical Medium Cleanse

After I finished reading the Medical Medium book, I was hyped and super excited to begin the 28 day cleanse suggested in the book. Just FYI, I have done a ton of cleanses before and knew that it can be challenging. For me, cleanses were hard to complete if they were too difficult. So before beginning, I looked over the 28 day cleanse and made some modifications that made it comfortable for me to commit to and ensured I would finish. My body was already not feeling well and I knew I just couldn’t dive right into it. I had to allow my body to detox slowly so that I was able to handle the toxins being released.

Here’s the plan I made for myself:
-Removed dairy, eggs, refined sugar, corn and gluten from my diet.
-Drank 16 ounces of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach
-Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie
-Lunch: Green Salad with homemade salad dressing
-Afternoon Snack: Nuts or Fruits
-Dinner: I left it opened to eat anything except things from the list of food I chose to remove. I should clarify “anything”, I didn’t just eat anything. I ate something healthy, it just wasn’t raw and I allowed myself one meal with chicken or turkey.

Now that I had planned out my meals it was time to execute it. I tried to keep meals simple and easy because I knew that I would be working harder than before. Not only did I have to make a plan for me but I still had to plan meals for my husband. This was challenging because I had to shop and cook, twice as much than I normally would. On top of that I spent more time in the kitchen because I had to learn how to prepare my new meals.

Here were the challenges I came across:
-Learning new recipes
-Cooking twice the amount of meals
-Prepping fruits and vegetables which takes a ton of time
-Making fresh food takes more time than other meals
-Learning the shelf life of vegetables or fruits
-Extreme stomach bloating (I had to lower my fruit and vegetable intake and eat smaller meals. My stomach didn’t have enough hydrochloric acid to digest it properly)
-Body always felt cold, so cold that my toes would go numb.
-Eczema flare up on my neck

28 days came faster than I expected, and I did see some improvements. My skin seemed better, a little more hydrated and the one eczema flare up wasn’t too bad. I lost a little bit of weight and getting up in the morning got a little easier. But overall nothing drastic changed. I was still having problems with my stomach being bloated. I also tried going back to eating like I did before the cleanse and that didn’t agree with my body. Which is why after a week I decided I’m going to do another round. Stay tuned for my review of Round 2.

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