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Planning …. Is it really that important?

For me to stay committed to this healthy lifestyle, I needed eating to be effortless, to be tasty and to fit in my budget. After evaluating my past attempts it seemed as though those were the reasons why I gave up after 2-3 months. Every time my life got challenging, tasks like cooking, preparing food, or even grocery shopping all got put on the bottom of the totem pole. They became less important than all the other things I needed to do. Why is that you may ask? Well, with so many restaurants and fast food available it was always faster and easier to just go pick up something to eat. But this behavior quickly becomes costly, which makes you then think about the decision between money and eating healthy.  Let’s face it, grabbing something healthy to eat isn’t always cheap.

So I have found that planning helped to make it easier for me to stay on track. Embarking on this new lifestyle meant that there were lots of things that needed to change.  I needed to learn new habits like grocery shopping for healthy snacks, preparing/chopping tons of vegetables, and learning to cook these different meals. All of these skills took time and lots of practice before it became a habit (FYI I’m still working on this). Like so many other things in life, when you are learning a new job, a new sport, or even a new dance, you need to practice in order to get better and comfortable doing it. So planning is there to be a guide, to act as a reminder and to help manage your practice time. Plans also help to keep you from thinking so much about it. The plans will help you manage your time and make sure that preparing, cooking and shopping for food is in your schedule.  By scheduling everything, you won’t need to ever wonder if you have enough time. Now once it becomes comfortable and easier to do, you will know that the habit has formed. When it’s a habit I do believe that the challenges you face in your life will not be able to interfere with your healthy eating.

To prove my belief I’m going to use Stephan Curry as an example, since I’m a basketball fan. Stephan Curry is the point guard for the Golden State Warriors. He is such extraordinary basketball player that he makes playing ball look so easy.  His shooting and ball handling skills are out of this world.  What is even more crazy, is his practices.  I highly suggest that you look up Stephan Curry and look for videos on his practices.  He puts himself through all of these hand-eye coordination practices, as well as extreme repetitious shooting practices and dribbling practices that look like stuff the Harlem Globe Trotters do.  All of his practices help to make these skills a habit. So when things like pressure from other teammates, the opposing team, crowds screaming and yelling becomes challenging for him, it doesn’t interfere with his basketball skills. This is all possible when the skill can be done without much thinking.

So to make eating healthy less stressful and more like second nature, I needed to make it a habit.  Therefore in order to make it a habit I needed to practice. And to keep me practicing I made plans and scheduled time to prepare, cook and shop for food. I’m still no where near making it a habit and I still need a ton of practice….. but it is getting easier 🙂

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