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To Begin or Not to Begin….That is the Question!


The first step in any journey is often the most difficult one to take. Even as I write this first paragraph, I find it difficult expressing my thoughts into words. But nonetheless I will do my best to paint the picture of what a beginning really means to me.

Beginnings are a time of change….and most often in life, change (and growth) comes with discomfort. Change is often challenging because you are doing new things…such as a new physical motion or having different thoughts. You are creating new neural pathways and muscles, which requires energy and effort. Similarly, when you decide to incorporate exercise into your life those first few weeks are tortuous. You have to plan your day different, you need to plan your exercise routine, you need to push yourself during the exercise activity, and the most challenging of all…you have to motivate yourself to go!

Just thinking about all of this can be exhausting. And as we have all experienced at some point, we often give up before giving ourselves a chance to succeed. For these reasons I decided to share my thoughts and feelings before I began my sugar detox journey.

December 31, 2014…. The day everyone makes their new year’s resolutions. Hmmmm what were  my goals going to be for this new year?  As I scrolled through my Instagram “liking” new year celebration photos I came across one of my favorite mentors….. “Gabrielle Bernstein”.  Her photo was gleaming of white light and she looked absolutely gorgeous, but what inspired me were her words. She had posted that she was celebrating a year off of sugar.  Now for those of you who know me sugar is the one thing I have not been able to detach from. So that message really resonated within me. I knew at that moment I needed to really make this my goal for 2015. 

Sounds perfect and easy,right? WRONG!!!!! After setting my goal it was now time to face challenge number 1 “the beginning”. The flood of questions that follow were enough to drive someone crazy. When do I begin? What can I eat? How am I going to do this? Am I really ready?  I already attempted 3 times before and FAILED. I can’t do this! It’s too hard!!!!!

Normally this is where I would give up. But I decided to take a look back at the times I did fail and make some changes in hopes of success. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone and that I needed help. In the past I tried to do it all by myself and look at the outcome of that. This time I bought some books, educated myself, and turned to good old social media as my support group during this journey. I also told my family and co workers before I began. Just like me, they needed time to digest this new idea.

As you now can see, if you just try to begin even if you fail you are one step closer to your goal. After all of those crazy, worked up thoughts I’m here to let you know…..the beginning is harder than the journey.

Blessings to you and all your new beginnings!


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