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Change is Great

Live with Compassion

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am grateful that you and I have now made a connection.  This first post is to give you a little information on myself.  It’ll deepen our connection and explain my interest in learning about food, health and happiness.

Since I was born I have struggled with an autoimmune disease called Eczema.  My entire childhood and even into my adult life, have required me to see doctor after doctor.   Each one of them gave me medications to take or ointments to apply.  All of them gave some form of relief but had never diminished all symptoms for long periods of time.

So this brings me to the year 2012. It was a pivotable moment where I decided to make some changes in my life.  First interest, was to change my diet.  Gluten was the top of my list of things for me to delete from my daily food intake.  Next on the list was meat, then coffee and finally dairy.  Let me pause here and state that I do live by the 80/20 rule.  Which means 80 percent of the time you eliminate those items from your diet but allow yourself to eat it 20 percent of the time. It is important to know that I do believe everyone has different tolerances and some people maybe more sensitive than others.  So I believe that you really just need to learn about your body and always listen to what it’s trying to tell you. Any pain or discomfort is a signal that your body is not functioning correctly.  So please consult your physician before making any changes.  

The second change that I had made involved researching homeopathic methods to heal the body.  I educated myself on natural remedies and began to eliminate everyday products that contained harmful chemicals.  One of the best gifts mother nature has provided us with are Essential Oils.  It has been a huge help in assisting me to accomplish this goal. As a result, I have significantly reduced the amount of medications I take.  Please understand that there are definitely situations where man made drugs are a necessity for us to live.  So again always pay attention to your body and work with your physician who is knowledgable in making sure your body is working correctly.

Finally the last change in my life dealt with my mind and soul.  This change actually developed while I was researching about food and ways to heal yourself naturally.  As I read books and blogs on healing  I started to realize that many physical ailments are linked to what is called emotional stress.  Emotional stress can be defined as an emotion of either anger, stress or sadness trapped in your body. But without release over time, this can create a physical pain.  Not only does this cause a physical problem but it can effect all parts of  your life, like your career or your relationships.  As I reflected within my own self I knew I needed to do a spiritual cleanse as well.

So my blog is here to share my personal journey which will include both successes and challenges.  I hope to inspire others to better their lives through my experiences.

Sending you love,

Tara Tom