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3 Different People, 3 Different Diets and 1 Common Goal

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Out of all the different diets I’ve tried, the Medical Medium lifestyle seems to be the best guide to good health. Anthony William author of the Medical Medium book teaches us about the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables and how it heals our bodies. In his book, he explains how these foods can restore your central nervous system, provide liver support, or relieve chronic pain. I find that it is perfect everyone because it works with all types of diets (i.e. paleo, vegan, etc.). Anthony is all about healing the body and providing it with the proper nutrients it needs in order to be healthy. He states that a low-fat plant-based diet is the optimal way to fuel your body. By decreasing our fat intake, we give our liver a break and allow it to detox on a deeper level. And by consuming the most nutrient dense foods which are fruits and vegetables we are providing the best support for our bodies.

Luckily, while I changed my lifestyle people around me decided to make some changes as well. Over time I observed something quite interesting. I realized that every person didn’t need to be as strict as my diet. They were able to have success despite the modifications I made for them and they were able to heal quite quickly. We made modifications to help make it comfortable for them and to reassure that they would stick to the changes.

Below are 3 different people’s health concerns, their diets and how long each of them took to heal.

1. My Diet:

My Health Concerns:
Eczema, Adrenal Fatigue and Epstein Barr Virus

Foods I Avoided:
Eggs, Meat, Dairy, Canola Oil, Refined Sugar, MSG, Processed Foods, Seafood, Gluten, Whey, Corn, and Soy

My Meal Plan:
In the morning I drink 16 oz of Celery Juice.
Breakfast and Lunch are just a ton of fruits. Either in a smoothie or just eaten as is.
Dinners are usually vegetables. I’ll have a salad or steamed veggies. If I’m feeling okay I’ll sometimes have roasted veggies over some brown rice.
Snacks are always some kind of fruit.
I try to be mindful about fat intake so I don’t eat a lot of coconut oil, olive oil, nuts or even avocados. My goal is to heal my weak liver so decreasing my fat intake allows my liver to cleanse and detox.

Length of Time to See Results:
It has been 5 months since I began all of these restrictions and I am currently still healing. But I will share that I have seen numerous changes and most of my symptoms have decreased as far as severity. You can read more about my journey in my previous posts.

2. Subject 2’s Diet:

Subject 2’s Health Concern:
Migraines, Severe Sinus Allergies, Weight Gain, Fatigue

Foods Avoided:
Eggs, Dairy, Canola Oil, Refined Sugar, MSG, Processed Foods, Gluten, Whey, Corn, and Soy

Meal Plan:
Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks were all fruits or vegetables. The subject did not have a blender so all fruits and vegetable were just cut and eaten.
Dinner was the one time of day that meat was consumed.

Length of Time to See Results:
In 2 months the subject had no migraines, allergies were completely gone, had a ton of energy and lost 10 pounds of unwanted weight (with no exercise).

3. Subject 3’s Diet:

Subject 3’s Health Concern:
Chronic Pain in the Knee, Barely able to walk, Can’t sleep at night due to the pain in the knee, Doctor was unable to find the source of the problem, Next step was knee surgery

Foods Avoided:

Meal Plan:
Breakfast was a vegan protein shake made with Sun Warrior Vegan Protein Powder and almond milk.
Lunch was completely open to anything but kept to the idea of eating clean, making sure it was lower in fat and not processed.
Dinner was either a salad or steam/roasted veggies over brown rice.
Everyday the subject consumed one green juice and one fruit smoothie.
All snacks were replaced with either fruits or nuts.

Length of Time to See Results:
In 1 month the subject had little to no pain their knee. Subject was finally able to sleep at night and able to start using the stationary bike for exercise. Also subject had an increase in muscle definition.

So as you can see healing can happen at many different levels. You don’t necessarily need to be as strict as I am. Unfortunately, I have been living with this my entire life and I created an unhealthy environment by what I chose to eat. So I have 20 plus years of healing to do. Now with that being said, you can understand why I need to be strict and why it’s taking some time to heal. You on the other hand may be like these 2 subjects and just need a little help. So allowing some meat or some gluten into your diet is okay. How strict you need to be with your diet will definitly be determined by your body’s health.
I hope that by sharing these stories I was able to inspire you to try and make small changes in your life. You now know that healing can happen even if you don’t eat exactly the same way I do. So make some changes and make sure to comment below on your successes. I would love to read about them!!!

Sending love to all of you,

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